KAGAN Entertainment is dedicated to hosting unique memorable events that truly illustrate the essence of each occasion.

We are seasoned professionals who pull from experience in hosting weddings and other types of special events. We are fun, friendly and talented DJ’s who perform with a personal touch and a sense of charm, rather than that boring guy scrolling through your iTunes playlist.

At KAGAN Entertainment, we appreciate and care about the success of your wedding the same as you do. As entertainers, we work hard to bring out the good sentiment in special moments like your first dance and cutting the cake. We spice up the introductions of the wedding party, work the crowd to get everyone involved, and work with our DJ to build an atmosphere that makes people want to dance and have fun.

Most importantly, we juggle all of the things necessary for a great party to happen so that you don’t have to.

  1. We work behind the scenes with event planners to manage schedules and make sure things flow smoothly and happen at the right times.
  2. As the Master of Ceremonies, we host the party with charm, sophistication, and charisma. We introduce the special moments and engage the crowd in the fun.
  3. As the DJ, it’s our job to be the soundtrack for your wedding. While our MC is hosting the event, we keep a steady flow of music, listening to audience requests and using our own special crate of party anthems to bring the mood and the magic to your big day.

After many months of planning, the last thing you want to do is everyone else’s job. You deserve the dream wedding you’ve spent so much time planning. Hire us, and we will make your party amazing.

You’re invited to be a guest at your own wedding