Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Kagan Entertainment’s Krazy Boyz DJ’s have proudly hosted hundreds of bar and bat mitzvahs over the past 10 years in business. We have had the honor and privilege of becoming one of America’s few traveling bar mitzvah shows, hosting bar and bat mitzvahs in different cities, and becoming friends with clients around the country. We bring a little bit of each new experience back to Atlanta and offer our hometown the most unique, high energy, and high action packed parties ever.

Game Changers

Since our beginning, we’ve introduced many new things to the industry:

  1. DMX controlled light shows.
  2. Concert lighting features like lasers, blinders, and strobes.
  3. The first ever HD Sound systems.
  4. Revival of the vintage vinyl turntable and true DJ mixing.
  5. A digital platform to spin records live.
  6. High-def flat panel video screens – no more bulky projectors.
  7. High powered moving lights.
  8. Cryogenic (CO2) Special FX and CO2 Robot.
  9. Video Mapping
  10. Flown Truss Rigging Systems.
  11. Social Media Live Party Integration.
  12. Flashing LED Hora Chairs.
Kagan Entertainment 21

How We Operate

As members of the tribe, we feel that we understand the reason for the season better than anyone else. Mitzvah’s are very personal for us, so we take every step to ensure that when you hire our team, your events are not just flawlessly executed, but extraordinarily special.

The weekend of your party, we begin preparing on Friday morning, manually inspecting each piece of equipment before it goes on the truck. On Saturday, we’re at the venue the entire day setting up your party. We act as Master Electrician, and allocate power for everyone to make sure that nothing goes wrong during show time.

We are the first ones in the door and the last ones to leave, and we make sure EVERY party goes out with a little bit of that Krazy Boyz customization.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • All of our staff is fun, friendly, and professional.
  • We are clean cut, dress the part, and have lots of energy.
  • We are super talented, love to party and make people dance.
  • You’re going to hear one of the best DJ sets of your life.
  • You can expect the urge to dance, sing, laugh, and cheer.
  • You’ll see stunning visual effects and feel thrilling special FX.
  • Dancers are pros and perform high flying moves.
  • We are very interactive and are great at crowd control.
  • There will be fun & games, activities, and a bit of craziness.
  • Expect to make memories.
  • Your family and friends will rave about this for years.
  • Your son or daughter will become instantly more popular.
  • If you hire us, you can expect that you’ve made the right decision.
  • Period.