About Us

Award Winning Event Productions


Kagan Entertainment is a company that represents and books the top performing acts in the Events industry. Our two most popular acts are Krazy Boyz, a specialty act for bar and bat mitzvahs and family events, and the new Live Wire Show, an ultra high quality party production with Atlanta’s top MC/DJ Duo. We offer our clients customized services in entertainment, production, film and a variety of other things. Each of our showcases come with a complete A/V set up including sound and lighting equipment and exciting special effects. We do our research to stay at the forefront of our industry. All of our equipment is above industry standard and our team members are all highly skilled professionals handpicked for a very important job. We are entertainers – and we love to make people sing. Thanks for checking us out!

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality entertainment and give back to our community.
Kagan Entertainment is an entertainment production company that started in Atlanta in 2006. What started as a passion project became a name brand in entertainment and special events. We build our shows around our team of highly skilled, high energy entertainers and backing them up with all of the special equipment needed to fill the stage. We put the time in to invent visually and sonically stunning experiences that leave party goers in awe and raving for years.


We care about our clients and pride ourselves on developing unique relationships with each of you. Whether you already have ideas of your own, or want to borrow some of ours, we have an endless supply of resources at your disposal, and can make anything happen. We listen, collaborate with you, and help you take the painted picture from inside your head and turn it into a real life thing. If you don’t know where to start – don’t worry! We will hold your hand and walk you through the process, using our arsenal to create something special every time.

Our Expertise


Jason Kagan and Aaron Payes co-direct the Atlanta based event entertainment and production company called Kagan Entertainment. Bringing to the table over fifteen years [each] of experience, the dynamic duo shares a diverse background in entertainment in the areas of theatre and dance, show directing, acting, singing, sound and lighting production, song writing, music production, music business, nightclub disc jockeying and special events. This experience is what gives Jason and Aaron their expertise in the special events world and sets them apart from other event companies.

Jason and Aaron are professional world-class entertainers and have had the pleasure of performing alongside famous entertainers such as Eddie Money, Lloyd, DJ Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill), Drivin’ & Cryin’, the Ying Yang Twins, and not to mention playing for celebrities Denzel Washington, Ray Lewis, John Sally, Dominique Wilkins, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Jazze Pha, Dallas Austin and being the requested DJ’s of billionaire mogul Ted Turner’s family.

In 2012, their album titled Kidd Star & The E-Hop Brigade debuted the single “Rah! It’s Gametime” which climbed the Billboard charts and rivaled other popular singles “You’re A Jerk,” “Cat Daddy,” and Pitbull’s “Calle Ocho (I Know You Want Me).” In 2016, they released their third album Kidd Star & The Weekend Warriors which had such singles as “Escondido” and “Lonely” which also climbed the billboard charts and are currently being played on various radio stations around the world in Europe and Asia.

Their hunger for success, thirst for music, and love for entertaining crowds has made them the most requested MC/DJ duo in the South. The 3 Allie Awards they won in 2015, 2016 and 2017 make Kagan and Payes Atlanta’s only Award Winning MC/DJ Duo.

What People Say

  • Wow!  What a great party!  Everyone had a BLAST!

    Thank you for bringing our vision of a Bar Mitzvah party at Terminal West to life and then some!  I can't believe how many people were there right until the end and then stayed beyond!  I have never seen that happen. We loved working with you and had a great time!!
    Erin (and Max, Lance, and Cole)

    Erin (and Max, Lance, and Cole),

  • Krazy Boyz are the common denominator for a great party! Nancy J. (Award Winning Event Planner)

    Nancy Joffre,
    Award Winning Event Planner

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Krazy Boyz on numerous events over the years and can always count on their enthusiasm and professionalism to bring any party to life. We love their energy, creativity and look forward to performing with them on many events in the future. Cheryl A. - Atlanta Booking Agent

    Cheryl A.,
    Atlanta Booking Agent

  • Thank you again for a FABULOUS party!! You guys did a wonderful job! Everything seemed to go so smoothly!! The last of the family left today and they raved about you. I know I acted like more of a guest than an organizer –I am STILL DANCING!!! Thank you again!! Stephanie R. - Happy Parent

    Stephanie R.,
    B'nai Mitzvah Parent

  • Thank you for such a fabulous party! You and your “crew” had great energy and enthusiasm. Sam came up to me on numerous occasions to tell me what a great party it was and what a great time he was having. Your entertainment far exceeded my expectations, and I expected something great! Deborah W. - Happy Client

    Deborah W.,
    Bar-Mitzvah Parent

  • I hired Krazy Boyz this year for my son’s party. They were fantastic to work with from the first time we met. They are creative, enthusiastic, and detail oriented. After my son’s Bar Mitzvah, we received several comments, from children and adults, that it was the best party and DJ ever! I will definitely hire Krazy Boyz for my next son’s Bar Mitzvah. Stephanie F. - Happy Client

    Stephanie F.,
    Bar-Mitzvah Parent

  • Just wanted to say thanks and you guys were perfect! The event planner asked me for your info and my daughter raved about you afterwards. Thanks again for everything. Jeffrey - Happy Client

    Bar-Mitzvah Parent