What We Do

We focus on the elements that drive a great party. Then we deliver cinematic memories. Our specialties are outstanding entertainment, the best sound and lighting, and breathtaking film.


Do you want to have an amazing party? Then you need a mind blowing team of entertainers:

  1. Professionals with experience.
  2. Entertainers who have performed for every type of crowd and know the formula for success.
  3. We can rock any crowd in any venue at any time of day.
  4. Games, song requests, special effects, you name it. We will make your party more amazing than you could even imagine. Guaranteed.
  5. Our DJ’s are world renowned Billboard charting music producers. [Don’t take our word for it. Fact check us.] Our Masters of Ceremonies are high energy vocally trained interactive entertainers ready to put on a show. Our dancers engage every guest and take your party to unprecedented levels. Challenge us.

We have hosted hundreds of parties all over the country and aren’t afraid to call ourselves the best. Want to have good time? Give us a call. Let’s plan a real party.



Production includes sound, lighting and video equipment, both on stage and all around the venue. We take responsibility for the atmosphere and the total energy of your event. Our style is to surprise and thrill you with things you never knew existed and bring concert quality fun to your own special night. Our packages include:

  1. Live lighting designers and production team.
  2. Custom light shows with special lighting during the most important moments.
  3. Why stop there? Include the whole room in the light show and party in an always changing colorful atmosphere with DMX controlled up-lighting.
  4. The HIGHEST quality high-definition sound systems that make you FEEL like you’re at your own private rock show.
  5. Laser systems [for those of you daring enough].
  6. Cryogenic and pyrotechnic special effect rigs make you think ACDC just showed up to your party.
  7. High-tech interactive software that lets you text your own pictures to the stage using your name as a custom hashtag making your party trend on the web all night long.
  8. Costume changes, animated visuals, party favors, and more.

Popular show packages include:

  • Krazy Boyz Original (our original show)
  • Live Wire Show (our brand new super high-tech release)
  • Krazy Boyz Custom (a budget friendly option that allows customization)

Our knowledge of production is unprecedented. Our team includes two lighting professionals who both tour the world and produce shows for the likes of Kanye West and the bands Train and Boston. We have no limits. Just tell us what you want and let’s get creative!


The best way to capture the energy of any party is with high quality film.

We use the latest 4k HD camera technology to capture the best footage. We treat each party like film set, planning each careful shot so that your film turns out like a movie, and you’re the star.

We bring cutting edge gear like:

  • Steady cam
  • Flying drones
  • Rigging systems
  • And body mounted GoPro’s

Our shooters and editors, led by our fantastic Director of Photography, ensure that your movie is made using the latest editing techniques to deliver you a thrilling high quality film. Our goal for each project is to make you feel like you are in your own professional motion picture feature.

Check out our latest releases here: Party music videos


(Above: drone photo taken during the inaugural bar mitzvah on the rooftop of Ponce City Market. High winds were 25 mph.)